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Step 1: Choosing a Topic to Blog About

When creating blog content for your website, one of the first things you need to think about is the topic in which you want to cover.

By understanding how your audience intereacts with your content, it will give you the ability to think of what important subjects you want to talk about in your business.

To help you simplify the topic research process, we utilize Ahrefs content explorer tool to find you the best blogs within your niche.

Once we find quality blogs within your niche, we filter down the results looking for blogs topics that have both great social engagement and high organic traffic.

We can also narrow down our search based on the publish date of the article, the word count, domain rating (DR), and even by the amount of referring domains (RD) going to the article itself.

Once we have gathered enough information on the topic you wish to cover, we can move onto step 2 of the process.

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Step 2: Uncovering New Keyword Opportunities

When it comes to writing premium blog content, you are always trying to find new opportunities to engage with your audience. In order to leverage those types of opportunities, we need to produce quality content for your site through the use of keyword research. 

By conducting a proper keyword research strategy utilizing Ahrefs keyword explorer, we are able to uncover new keyword opportunities that your website has never ranked before.

To find good keyword opportunities, we analyze several metrics such as: comparing the keyword diffulculty (KD) score relating to the domain authority (DA) of your site, the traffic volumes of the keyword, phrase matches of the keyword, the parent topic of that keyword, and much more. 

Doing this means your business is one step closer to unlocking more traffic opportunities in different markets that you never thought was possible.

Step 3: Writing the Blog Content

Once we have followed the above steps, we are now ready to write your new piece of blog content.

By incorporating what we have learned from both steps 1 and 2, it will make it easier for our team to write the perfect piece of blog content that will not only engage your readers, but also target new keyword opportunities in the process. 

So when you sign up with the SEO War Lordz, not only are you getting the best premium blog content for your site, you are also ranking your website for new keywords allowing your business to obtain new traffic opportunities along the way.

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