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5 Ways to Improve Off-Page SEO In 2020

off page seo

No matter how hard you try, your search engine optimization efforts seem to be in vain. Your website is still on the fourth page, and no one gets to see it there. If everything is alright on your website, the problem might be on the off-page SEO. To most people, off-site optimization is nothing but […]

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6 Tips to Dominate Local SEO in 2020

google my business

Unfortunately, over 56% of businesses in Google don’t even know that Google My Business listing is the foundation of ranking higher in their locality. What does that tell you? They are limiting their capacity and capability of having clients who are searching for their kind of services on Google. Amazingly, 46% of all Google searches […]

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6 Ways to Improve Your Header Tags in 2020

seo header tags

If you have been a close SEO enthusiast, you must be familiar with header tags. This is one common aspect that is used in publishing. In an age where technology has brooded over every industry, you need to have better-ranking articles for publishing. Although many people think that header tags don’t contribute so much on […]

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7 Ways to Increase Your SEO Rankings in 2020

Boost seo rankings

It is the dream of every blogger, business, and organization to appear on the first search engine result page, especially on Google. This is because of the high visibility of your content, products, and services, which will eventually drive leads to your website. That means high revenue. Google is hitting over 7 billion searches every […]

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7 Ways to Speed-up Your Website In 2020

speed up website

As a webmaster, one of the things you should be focusing on is getting the best page speed for your site. Considering a report made by Google in 2018, about 53% of mobile users leave if a webpage if it takes three seconds or more to load. Besides, Google itself made it clear that fast […]

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9 Types of Anchor Text to Use In 2020

anchor text

What is anchor text? Anchor text is simply a text used in a hyperlink that appears on a website. It can be any word, any signs or numbers, and any other character. You can use any character supported by HTML. But to be effective, it should be relevant to the page you’re linking to. Search […]

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9 Ways to Crush On-Page SEO In 2020

on-page seo

As a website owner, it’s pretty hard to curate and publish things that we want to share with our readers. However, the hardest task is figuring out the algorithm that search engines use and get the website to the top of the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  The ever-changing SEO landscape alters what practices […]

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