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10 Types of Link Building Strategies For 2020

Link Building, in simple terms, is getting inbound links to your site from other websites. It’s one of the major factors that affect Google’s algorithm when ranking websites in search results. When authority websites link to your content, your blog or website becomes more trustworthy in Google’s eye. This might not seem like a relevant […]


12 Schema Markup Ways to Boost Traffic In 2020

Schema Markup might seem like something that you can only use to organize things on your site. However, throughout the years, Schema Markup has been used to attract traffic, which helps propel the marketing needs of a business. In this article, you will learn more about Schema Markup and how its different types can improve […]


Local Citation Building Best Practices in 2020

10 Best Citation Practices In 2020 What Is A Citation?  A citation is simply the mention of your business name, telephone number, and address, which is made available online. One of the most common citations that you receive is by creating business social media accounts, review sites account, and online business directories. But why does […]


7 Ways to Remove Duplicate Content in 2020

A lot of readers don’t usually care about duplicate content. After all, when a user is done reading an article, he or she will usually close the tab and move on. However, the problem appears in the Google spiders. If you have a lot of duplicate content, Google bots might mark your website as a […]

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