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5 Tips When Doing Link Building Outreach In 2020

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Link building may seem like an easy task, but as you get engaged, you will put in lots of work, only to wake up in the morning to one or two emails. It can seriously affect your esteem, yet there are things you can do to maximize this experience and reach more people.

Before digging deeper, it is worth noting that more and more people prefer electronic communication over phone calls. People no longer want to be called, but instead, they expected to be contacted by email or over social media. As a direct consequence, this trend should never go overlooked.

So, what do you need to do to maximize your link building outreach?

Create A/B subject line split tests

A/B testing is commonly referred to as split testing too. It represents a marketing gimmick used by professionals. They practically split their links in two, and they offer the same product with two different variations. They try to figure out which one performs better, so they can set it as default.

To come up with good A/B subject line split tests, change the line to two different ideas. For example, you can include a powerful word to see how it works, as well as an alternative without that word. You can include your name in the subject line or leave it empty.

You do not need completely different versions of the subject line. Instead, you have to focus on one variable only. It could be a name, a specific word, or a tricky word. It is up to you and should be based on the profile of your marketing campaign.

An A/B subject line split test could be a waste of money, but it also has the major potential of increasing your link building outreach. You can figure out what works better and perform such tests regularly to come closer to perfection.

Use common headline language

Just like A/B subject line split tests, common headline language depends on the industry you activate in. Certain words work for particular industries, but they might be entirely useless for others. How do you do it then?

Are you into the traveling industries? Analyze the top 10 most powerful blogs on the market and go through their best articles. Copy their titles and put them in a list. What are the words that keep repeating regularly? Those could be the strongest words in your industry.

It makes no difference if you activate in traveling, teaching, marketing, finances, the medical industry, or any other field. You can research yourself and perform one test after another to find the right words. But on an easier note, you can research the top players on the market – faster, shorter, and more efficient.

The more words you have, the better. These words represent the language specific to your industry and audience, so take advantage of it and make sure people can understand what you mean. The right words will have people resonate with your work when writing a link building outreach email.

Use color and bolding in your body text

Color and bolding are quite obvious – such techniques draw attention. How many emails do you get with bold text and colorful sentences? Exactly – not too many. It does not mean that your emails should look like a rainbow, though. It is only a matter of underlining the right thing.

So, how do you do it, right? Start your email with a basic introduction – a few words to draw attention and be polite. Go on with the first sentence and introduce the reader to what you have to say. Keep it simple and small – mention that you have something that your client might be interested in.

The next sentence is the actual news. Put it in a bright color like red or green and bold it. It should be simple – just a necessary sentence, not a long-phrase, or an entire paragraph. Make it look like a top title for your blog.

Go back to regular text after and include a few bullets and numbering, such as stats or special offers or whatever you advertise for. Again, keep it simple. People do not have too much time online so that no one will read a novel.

You can also come up with a link building outreach template and update it when you have to.

Use emojis to lighten your email pitches

Emojis are considered to be childish and less professional, but they make one of the best link building outreach strategies. When someone gets 20 emails a day, they are more likely to remember one with emojis over 19 with plain text only.

If you pitch someone in the traveling industry, put a beach or a palm. If you deal with someone in the construction industry, use some houses or building tools. Not only are they likely to remember your email, but they can also read your text more efficiently – emojis break down text for an easy read.

Use twitter to outreach

twitter link outreach

Twitter is often overlooked in a link building outreach campaign. It is hard to tell why, as lots of people pick news from Twitter, not to mention all the celebrities using it. Twitter is undoubtedly a source of information, so take advantage of it.

Engage with people on Twitter, but do not go crazy on it. It is mostly about building a presence. When you get in contact with someone through a link building outreach email, at least your name will not be completely new. They have seen it before, so they are more likely to open your email.

The bottom line, these are some of the leading link building outreach strategies out there, and the best part about them is that many marketers still fail to consider them. In other words, you can easily make the difference with a simple email that can stand out in the crowd.