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6 Ways to Identify and Fix SEO Keyword Cannibalization in 2020

Keyword Cannibalization

Did you know that keyword cannibalization could be the reason why your competitors are doing better than you despite appearing on the first page of Google? Well, this is one of the most prevalent issues today among various webmasters. Unfortunately, many who are suffering from this problem don’t even know they are victims of it.

Well, many fall victim of cannibalization in their process of optimizing their pages. Instead of speaking the language of Google and other search engines, they end up killing the potential of their pages and articles. So how can you identify and fix this SEO problem?

Well, this article will be of great help to you, so stay with me and keep reading.

What is Keyword Cannibalization?

Keyword cannibalization is a strategy where you target your keyword in various pages. There has been an illusionary believe that the more your target keyword appears in multiple pages, the better you will rank in Google.

In reality, you will be competing against yourself. Eventually, you will end up having low CTR and conversion rates compared to a page that had concentrated their efforts on a single page. Instead of having a solid CTR, you will have split it. This destructive SEO step is referred to as keyword cannibalization.

Google usually rank your site depending on its authority, but this SEO error decreases the authority of your pages. Your keyword is in multiple pages, which makes Google compare your pages internally. This will soon destroy your ranking. Let us go through some of the negative effects of cannibalization on search engine optimization.

3 Negative Ways Keyword Cannibalization Can Impact your SEO

By now, you must have known that targeting your keywords in multiple pages as an SEO strategy is a destructive step towards your high ranking. Unfortunately, despite this being a disastrous step, many people don’t even have a clue of it.

Here are some major negatives of this practice:

1.   You’re Using Valuable Google Crawl Budget

When we talk of a crawl budget, we mean the number of times a Google spider crawls in your site in a specific period. Probably, if you have a large site and you place unnecessary multiple pages displaying your keyword, your crawl budget will be high. You don’t have to dig deeper into your pocket because of keyword cannibalization and other SEO mishaps.

These multiple pages make the search engine spider crawl and index some unnecessary pages. This will definitely make your site slower than other sites that have only a single page.

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2.   Poor Page Quality Which is Diluting Your Links and Anchor Text

Backlinks are one way that your site is consolidated and becomes an authority site. However, your backlinks are split into various pages where your keyword is being targeted.

SEO practices recommend having anchor text and your links, leading the reader into a single authoritative page. However, SEO cannibalization will not make that happen because your links will lead people to multiple pages. In turn, that will end up in poor page quality.

3.   Reduced Conversion Rate on Your Website

As you rank higher in Google or other search engines, you will definitely have some leads into your site as your readers click into the links. However, there is one major issue when it comes to the conversion rate of your website.

People will have various pages they are clicking on, and that will direct them to multiple pages of your site. That means your conversion rate will be low on your relevant page. Your new visitors will be landing on other pages that are less relevant and important. Hence, you need to have one authority page where all the new visitors will be directed.

Now you must be asking how I fix this keyword cannibalization and have more leads to my site. Well, let’s look at some of the ways to fix this SEO issue.

3 Ways to Fix Keyword Cannibalization 

After identifying that you got some issues with your SEO keyword cannibalization, the next thing is to fix it. Many people have not fixed the issue because they don’t know that they have this malpractice.

Fortunately, fixing this SEO mishap is very easy. You can identify cannibalization by listing all your URLs and the target keyword in each. This could be by using a mapping tool or a spreadsheet. Any duplicity of the keyword in your URL is a sign that you might be having keyword cannibalization. So how do you fix that?

1.   Restructure your Website by Consolidating your Content

No matter how many pages you have, there is one page that will have authority than the rest. To solve this issue, you have to choose such a page that has more attention from various internet users and make it your landing page.

By restructuring your site, you will eliminate other pages and link them back to the main page. That means you will have more quality pages and greater leads that direct new visitors into the authority pages.

2.   Find New Keywords

Of course, if you have diverse and multiple contents in all your pages, you can decide to get new keywords instead of having just one keyword in all the pages. Most people are suffering from cannibalization because of poor canonical tags and keyword strategies.

If you can lay down better strategies of having diverse keywords in your pages, you can be free from this issue. However, ensure that the keywords you choose accurately represent your content in your pages.

3.   Use 301 Redirects

Last but not least is using 301 redirects. If you have one authority site, it is not advisable to use multiple 301s. However, it becomes a necessary aspect and solution if you are having multiple pages targeting a single keyword.

The essence of using 301 redirects is to consolidate your many sites and make them link back to the main landing page, which is more relevant than others. However, use this solution if your pages have almost similar content and are sharing the same keyword.

By using the above solutions, you can eventually boost your SEO and make your page even more relevant to any search engine. So what are you waiting for? Fix the cannibalization today.