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7 Ways to Increase Your SEO Rankings in 2020

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It is the dream of every blogger, business, and organization to appear on the first search engine result page, especially on Google. This is because of the high visibility of your content, products, and services, which will eventually drive leads to your website. That means high revenue.

Google is hitting over 7 billion searches every day, which is double the number of search queries in 2016. This means the level of traffic has increased, and you will get considerable attention by ranking at the top of the first Google page.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the fundamental makeups of ranking better in various search engines. There have been various strategies that both experts and amateurs have suggested for having better SEO. However, with the algorithm changes, they have turned out to be spammy.

In this article, we have listed seven genuine and proven ways in which you can increase your SEO rankings in 2019.

  1. Find low-competition keywords
  2. Get more organic traffic with rich snippets
  3. Use Youtube videos to take up more space in the SERPs
  4. Use Sitelinks to boost click-through-rates (CTR)
  5. Target brand new keywords
  6. Optimize old content to rank
  7. Do broken link building

You will be surprised to know that even the most successful bloggers and organizations are using these methods. Why should you lag behind while you can appear among the top three searches in Google? Let’s go for it.

1. Get Low-Competition Keywords

Most keywords usually focus on the backlinks, which makes them score way off. Many people concentrate on backlinks and forget that this is not everything that SEO is about. Although they are important, they are not everything that you need.

An excellent SEO ranking is a combination of various aspects, including page speed, search intent, internal links, content quality, organic click-through-rate, mobile compatibility, backlinks, heading tags, and many others. In other words, we can say it is a total of off-page and on-page SEO activities.

Many experts will advise you to go for low-competition keywords. However, the reality is that you can use ghost posts technique to appear on the first page without necessarily having multiple backlinks. Sometimes a keyword may be rated as super hard, but turn out to become the simplest to achieve on the first page of Google.

2. Get More Organic Traffic with Rich Snippet

One way to increase your SEO and make your articles rank better is by allowing them to generate organic traffic. There are various ways of increasing your organic traffic, including using snippets and site links. But let’s talk about using a rich snippet to get more organic traffic.

You cannot have a featured snippet if you are not already on the first page of Google. Therefore, to have a rich snippet, you will need to use the keyword that is making your rank best in the first page.


There are various types of snippets that can be featured by Google and make your SEO rank higher. There are definition snippets, list snippets, and table snippets. Then you will need to add the content of your snippets into your page, but it must be short enough to fit in the box of the featured snippet.

3. Use YouTube Videos to Take Up More Space in the SERPs

Youtube videos Serps

Sometimes you may write an article but find out that there are better ranking content say in first or second position. To rank better in SEO with your articles, you need to create a video on the said keyword.

You have to ensure that the video is well optimized to overdo your competitor videos on the first page of Google. That means you will be having an article and a video on the first page.

Just as there is SEO for texts, there is SEO for videos that will make your video rank better on YouTube. Video SEO usually begins with having the right keyword research and incorporating the keywords into your title. You also need to work on your video description, and YouTube tags, among others.

4. Use Sitelinks to Boost Click-Through Rates

Many writers may have set great titles and descriptions and have optimized them. However, the click-through rates are not appealing at all. So, how do you boost more traffic into your titles for higher CTR?

The trick is using site links. Sitelinks could be as easy as creating a table of contents that has some jump links in the bullet points. They will help your page to stand out, and that means higher CTR.

5. Target Brand New Keywords

Every writer is looking for popular, common, but low-competitive words to use as their keywords. How do you achieve that? It is by targeting brand new keywords. New keywords mean competition from fewer people; hence, easy to come to the top on the first SERPs.

It is always advisable not to go for keywords that have been crowded, and every site wants to write about them. Go for those relatively new keywords that are upcoming and increasingly becoming popular.

6. Optimize Old Content to Rank

It is good to always keep in mind that Google always ranks what the readers and searchers want. No matter how many links you build, you might not end up on the first page of Google.

If your old content is not matching your title, optimize it for better SEO ranking. Always consider the user experience; it is the one that will make your SEO ranking to be at the top or bottom in Google.

7. Do Broken Link Building

This is a cool way that most smart and creative writers are using to boost their SEO ranking. You go through a site and realize that one particular article they have written no longer opens.

Some either direct you to “Error 401”, “Error 404” or “Access Denied” page, in that case, you can let the writer know about the problem and give them a solution of your well-written content that is related to that hyperlinked word(s).

You will need tools like Moz, Ahrefs, Check My Links, and such to identify the dead links and do broken link building in them.

Ranking higher in SEO and featuring on the first search engine result pages is easier than you think. You cannot afford to continue ranking low on Google with the above seven tips. Trust me; it will be worth trying it.