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10 Types of Link Building Strategies For 2020

Link Building

Link Building, in simple terms, is getting inbound links to your site from other websites. It’s one of the major factors that affect Google’s algorithm when ranking websites in search results. When authority websites link to your content, your blog or website becomes more trustworthy in Google’s eye. This might not seem like a relevant practice. However, if you don’t apply its principles, you’re missing on a lot of things. Here is the list of the things you can do for link building this 2019.

Ten Best Link Building Strategies

1.   Blog Directories

The majority of SEO practices are often done inside the website itself, but off-site optimization techniques do exist. One of the best examples of off-site optimization is getting backlinks from blog directories. These directories feature a collection of websites and sort them out on different categories. Although not as relevant as before, blog directories can help in improving the overall ranking of a website. You might need to pass some requirements to get your site reviewed.

2.   Guest Blogging

Another form of link building is guest blogging. This is done by submitting an article to other sites that feature a backlink to yours. Most guest blogging is done via a partnership with other blog owners and exchanging backlinks. Guest blogs also drive traffic to both sites, which is both beneficial to the owner and the guest. You can find it very similar to YouTube collaborations, but only in the form of blog posts. 

3.   Paid Directories

Paid directories are very similar to the normal Blog Directories. The only notable difference is that Paid Directories charge a small fee before you can submit your site for review. There are paid directories that offer a permanent listing for as low as $40. However, better directories usually charge annual fees for additional features. The advantage of using paid directories are getting a better backlink and the ability to add customization to your site’s information that appears in the directory.

4.   Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building SEO

Broken Link Building is another link-building technique used by a lot of site owners. First, you must find a broken link from other blogs that features content similar to yours. Next, re-create the content from the broken link and publish it to your site. If the topic is already published on your website, you can proceed to the last step. Convince the blog owner to use your link as a replacement to the broken one. Site owners usually want to get rid of all dead links because these also affect their sites. Once the owner agrees, you just secured a backlink. 

5. Contest Giveaways

Hosting a contest or a giveaway is a great way to drive traffic to your site. You can even make this an opportunity to get high-quality backlinks, especially if you’re selling products or services. Sites with high authority like Forbes accept and features branded promotions to their sites. To earn backlinks, ask for related websites and blogs to feature your giveaway or contest. In this way, you can earn additional traffic and a backlink in one move.

6. Press Releases

Link building via Press Release is another technique that people use to earn backlinks. In this method, you need to “pitch” a newsworthy content and offer it to news publishers. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to press releases. Pitching on sites that have more readers would be more difficult, but will likely gain more positive impact. Examples of sites that accept press releases are Technorati and The Huffington Post. In some cases, websites will require you to apply for a writership to feature your content. 

7. Update Old Content

Outdated posts can drag down the overall authority and credibility of your site. You wouldn’t want to receive backlash from your old articles that are not relevant or not applicable anymore. There are two things you can do to handle old content: either you completely remove them or make a significant update. If you opted for an update, make sure to find better sources and add better videos, sounds, and pictures. After the article is renewed and polished, promote it as you do with your new content.

8. Build Relationships

Perhaps the easiest and sincerest way to get backlinks is to build relationships with other site owners. Building your network is a proven and tested way to promote your content and create backlinks. You can start to build relationships by featuring the other blog to your content. Tell your readers how you find the contents from the other blog helpful. Prepare an honest review about the best things in the blog and make sure to mention areas that need improvement. If the blog owner noticed that you’re featuring their content, they might feature yours on their site as well.

9. Case Studies

Publishing a case study on your blog or site is a tedious task. The difficulty in creating one can make you consider to do other things instead. However, depending on your niche, a case study can drive your backlink count upwards.

When people find your articles useful, they will use your case study as a reference to create their content or improve their existing articles. Writers who will use the information from your case study will need to refer to your work. And to do so, they need to create an inbound link to your site.

10. Create a blog

This technique will greatly benefit sites that offer products or services online. Unless bloggers are making a review of your products or services, it’s quite rare to receive references. If you don’t have posts that other sites can reference to improve their content, they won’t have any reason to give you a backlink. By creating a blog, you’re making content that can be referenced by other writers. In return, the boost from the backlinks will help your site get more earnings from the added online exposure.