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Step 1: Conducting Keyword Research Strategy

When conducting a proper keyword research strategy, a good place to start is by looking at your google search console data.

Because google search console has a rich resource of data, we can pinpoint and identify the ranking positions related to the search queries you currently rank for, find focus keywords you rank for on each blog post and page, as well as the number of clicks, impressions and overall CTR rate your keywords receive when coming to your website.  

Once we have compiled enough data from google search console, we can move onto conducting a proper keyword research strategy by utilizing Ahrefs keyword explorer. 

By taking your existing keywords and inputting them through Ahrefs, it helps us uncover new keyword ideas and opportunities to rank for. In this same step, we kick it up a notch and conduct a competitor keyword research plan using Ahrefs site explorer to uncover more keywords in which your website can rank for as well.  

By conducting this extensive research plan, we are able to recommend or pick keywords for your business based on the keyword difficulty scores (that are relative to your websites Domain Authority) along with the traffic volumes each keyword brings.

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Step 2: Improve On-Page SEO Metrics

By conducting a robust keyword research strategy from step 1, we can begin to modify and improve upon your website's on-page experience through the use of highly specialized on-page SEO tools. 

These special SEO tools are responsible in comparing your website vs. your top competitors and reporting on several on-page factors, allowing our team to tune your pages properly for the sole reason of achieving higher rankings in Google. 

The on-page factors that these tools report on are the length of your content, the amount of times your focus keyword is used throughout the content, and the use of your focus word within your subheadings, title tags, alt tags, and meta description. 

Not only that, but we take it one step further and analyze your website for keyword cannibalization, website page speed, the use of schema markup, and even provide tips and tricks to increase your conversion rate optimization for your website.

Step 3: Produce High Quality Blog Content

Once we have completed the step 2 process of identifying key on-page metrics and fixing them, we can then move onto producing high-quality blog content for your website.

To write high-quality blog posts that will engage your readers, we first need to conduct extensive research into the topics you want to cover in your blog, and then go after the keywords you want to rank for.

By utilizing Ahrefs content explorer, we can find and target existing blog posts within your niche that have both great social engagement as well as good traffic metrics. By using this tool, we can eliminate the guess-work and produce high-quality content that your readers will surely love. 

Once we discover the type of content that's worth writing about, we can then go ahead and use Ahrefs keyword explorer to discover potential keywords you are currently not ranking for and include them into your content blog piece. 

So, not only are we providing the best possible content for your website, but we are also helping your business grow by targeting new keywords that you have never ranked before.

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Step 4: Link Building Through  Organic Outreach

After steps 1-3 are complete, we are ready to move onto step 4 and that is link building through organic outreach. 

In order to find aged authority backlinks for your website to link to, there is a step by step process we need to take to ensure you get the highest quality backlinks possible.

  1. We conduct online research to find websites related to your general niche (example: Cellphones). 
  2. We then drill down the general niche websites and locate websites that refer to your specific niche (example: iPhones). 
  3. We manually outreach to real website owners and negotiate a link placement on your behalf.
  4. Our team of writers will then restructure the aged piece of content to include your anchor text while maintaining the natural flow of the article in the process.
  5. Once complete, we use a 3rd party indexer to get the google bot to crawl the aged piece of content.
  6. Sit back and relax as you watch your rankings soar using our aged authority SEO backlinks service.

Our SEO backlinks bring you real actionable results in the serps. Once you try our service, you will never go back. That's because our links are more powerful than PBN's, Guest Posts, and Web 2.0s! 

Still not convinced? Click on the Read More button below to see our sample link proofs. Our links are no joke!

Step 5: Report on Traffic Volume & Keyword Rankings

After completing all the necessary steps above, we can finally move onto the final stage of the process and that is keyword monitoring along with traffic analysis for your website. 

By having your on-page optimized correctly along with sending high quality backlinks to your website, your business will have no problems gaining more traffic while conquering over the competition in the SERPs (search engine results page).

In order for us to analyze your website in depth, we would need access to the websites Google Analytics account in order to report on key metrics of your business.

Such key metrics that we report on are: traffic volumes coming to the site, average session duration, average bounce rate, traffic breakdown by country and device type, page views, conversion rate optimization, and much more.

By understing how the traffic behaves on your site, it helps us determine the next course of action we need to take to improve upon your business through future SEO projects. 

With SEO being an ongoing process, your competitors will never stop compteting, so why should you? So sign up today and get real actionable results that you deserve.

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Monthly SEO Packages

Gold Package

This package is great for 
Small Sized Businesses
 in Local SEO

  • Keywords Included: 5
  • On-Page Optimized Pages: 5
  • 1,000 Word Blog Articles: 4
  • Real Aged Authority Manual Outreach Backlinks (High Referring Domains): 6
  • Monthly Traffic and Ranking Reports

Platinum Package

This package is great for 
Medium Sized Businesses in Local SEO & National SEO

  • Keywords Included: 7
  • On-Page Optimized Pages: 7
  • 1,500 Word Blog Articles: 4
  • Real Aged Authority Manual Outreach Backlinks (High Referring Domains): 8
  • Monthly Traffic and Ranking Reports

Elite Package

This package is great for 
Large Sized Businesses in National SEO

  • Keywords Included: 10
  • On-Page Optimized Pages: 10
  • 1,500 Word Blog Articles: 4
  • Real Aged Authority Manual Outreach Backlinks (High Referring Domains): 10
  • Monthly Traffic and Ranking Reports