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Step 1: Analyze and Report on Key On Page SEO Metrics

When it comes to doing proper on page SEO optimization for your website, we need to break it down in a series of 4 steps. 

The first step is to analyze the current state of your on page content. We do this by using a variety of in-house SEO tools to determine what metrics are needed to fix your site, so we can instantly improve your search traffic volumes as well as achieve a higher Click Trough Ratio (CTR) in the process. From there, we are able to weigh each page based on their SEO metrics so we can better strategize when it comes to writing/modifying your on-page content.

These are the crucial steps that we take to ensure your business receives the quality it deserves.  

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Step 2: Keyword Research through Competitive Analysis

When we conduct a competitor keyword research strategy, we give your business the opportunity to compete for new keywords or even help you outrank your competitors on existing keywords when it comes to the search engines. 

By utilizing the Ahrefs SEO keyword research tool, we can scope out your existing competitor keywords or look within Ahrefs massive keyword database to discover new keyword opportunities to write new pieces of content from.

But, in order to determine the best keywords needed for your business, we have to identify and target them based on traffic volumes as well as their keyword difficulty scores which are relative to your current SEO rankings. Once we have that information, we can begin to tailor your on-page SEO content to suite your keyword needs.  

Step 3: Modifying your On-Page Content

By utilizing the information we have gathered from the two steps above, we can start to optimize your on-page results which will drastically yield you better results in the long run when it comes to traffic and user engagement.

The following metrics that we look for when trying to improve/modify your on-page content are:

  • Title Tag​​​​​s and Meta Descriptions: We make sure to include the keyword that you want to rank for in the title tag and Meta description, to increase your rank algorithmically, as well as to match user query search intent (aka increase CTR).

  • Alt Tags:  We find it important to fill out the alt tag information on all pictures to make it more SEO friendly in the search engines and to help better user search intent.

  • Keyword Cannibalization: We scan your entire website in search of pages that have similar on page content that is shared between multiple pages. If multiple pages on your website share the same or similar content, google will devalue their rankings in the search results. Once these problem pages are found, we fix them right away, helping you improve your ranking position in the serps.

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Step 4: Additional Tips and On-Page Improvements 

Continuing from step 3, we are able to dive deeper into your On-page SEO content by uncovering additional information that could be used improve your position in the search results.

By doing this, we give you an edge over your competitors when it comes to on-page SEO. The following metrics we take a look at are:

  • On-page Content: Based on the particular page, we verify that the length of the content is long enough when compared to your competitors. Any content that does not have enough information on it, we make sure to add more content to satisfy the search engines. We also check to make sure your keyword is mentioned enough times in the content as well as mentioned in your h1’s, h2’s, and h3’s headings and sub headings.

  • Website page speed: We analyze your website speed to make sure it loads fast. A slow website can cause major issues when wanting to rank high in the serps. We use different caching and image compression plugins to achieve faster load times which helps your website rank higher.

  • Website design Analysis: We provide useful information on website design as user experience plays an important role in on-page dwell/navigation time which affects your website position relative to your search query.